Welcome to our Blog and thanks for dropping by.  We are Tracy and Ian and this blog is mainly about my battle with Cervical Cancer since being diagnosed in 2014.

I am a Specialist Teaching Assistant in a Primary School for Children with Special Needs.  Ian is a Self Employed IT Systems Training Consultant and we both live in Halifax, England.



This Blog is my way of expressing my feelings and keeping family and friends up to date with the progress of my war to defeat Cervical Cancer.

Two years down the line and the Big C is back.  Another journey into the unknown.  Telling family and friends is the hardest thing to do.  Jumbled up emotions that just hit you out of nowhere.  The pain, the feeling sick.

But guess what?  It is not going to beat me.

I’m strong, and the love I have for my family, friends and gorgeous grand children, with another on the way, who I WILL see grow up.  It is this that will keep me going and kick Cancers arse.

By the way, a diet of Ready Brek, Mash, Gravy and  Turmeric Latte is not all that bad.  But that is a story for another post.

Before you read the posts please read the Background page.

Don’t mess with the best ‘cos the best don’t mess.


2014, we had it all planned.  We were both hitting the big 50 and to celebrate we were taking the two oldest Grand daughters to Disneyland Paris in January of that year.  We had a great time and so did the girls.

Layla, Faye and Mickey

We had also booked to go on a Cruise in the Summer.  This was nothing out of the ordinary because we usually cruised for our main holiday, but this was on a brand new, innovative, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship called Anthem of the Seas.

Anthem of the Seas – View from the North Star

Then the health issues began.  Just after Ian’s 50th Birthday he suffered a heart attack and had to have 6 months off work recovering.  Then, just after he returned to work, in November 2014, I  was diagnosed, initially, with Anaemia and then with Undifferentiated Cancer of the Womb.  Or was it Cancer of the Cervix?  They didn’t know because they couldn’t find the source.

Various tests were completed just before Christmas and the Professionals were still no nearer determining where the source of the Cancer was.

We decided to go to Nice in the South of France between Christmas and the New Year, to get away from it all.

On our return home the inevitable letter had arrived requesting that I attend the Gynaecology Oncology  Clinic.  We both attended the Clinic and the treatment was for me to have a radical hysterectomy at the end of January in Leeds St James Hospital.

I had the surgery and was discharged four days after the operation.  Within two days of returning home I ended up in Calderdale Royal Hospital for over three weeks with Sepsis!!!  Eventually I returned home, that is when I began to hate Ian with a passion.  He had to give me the Heparin Injections to stop blood clots following surgery.  It was horrible!!!!  Ian even bought me cream to numb the area before the injection but it didn’t help.  I still can’t bring myself to forgive him even now!!!!  Only joking.

Not for the squeamish!!! This is what came out of me when I had sepsis.

Shortly after this Ian took Voluntary Redundancy from his job of 29 years as an IT Training and Support Officer.  Also our youngest Grand Daughter (so far) was born in April 2015 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS).  Essentially, she was born with only half a working heart.

Life size model of Pipers Heart when she was born.
Piper Rose in Great Ormond Street Hospital – 2015

So after all this I attended the Clinic for check ups every 3 months and all had been fine, up until February 2017…………


Wot no ice, clear soup, or jelly!!! Jeremy Hunt has a lot to answer to.

It is now Monday morning and I have another week to go, seems like ages away, the days are really slow in this place and the evenings so much longer. There is no banter or joking with the staff everything is so serious and very very slow. Think this might be me very soon. I …